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Recommended for pain relief, anxiety, anti-inflamatory, sleep disorders and many other ailments

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Receptra CBD Products
Full Spectrum, Organically Grown on US Farms and Third Party Tested

Holoviak's is now a Distribtor for Receptra Naturals.  If you are a brick and mortar business in North Eastern & Central PA, and want to sell CBD products, please call 570-441-1501 for wholesale information.

Just Say NO to Drugs
And YES to CBD


Classic Dark CBD Chocolate Bar.

Roasted Hazlenut & Sea Salt CBD Chocolate Bar 



Indulge in this handcrafted, artisanal Classic Dark CBD Chocolate Bar. With 73% cacao, infused with phytocannabinoid-rich full-spectrum hemp extract, and sweetened with organic coconut sugar, it is an incredibly smooth and guilt-free way to indulge in your daily Dose of Vitality!

Receptra for PETS

Many of us consider our pets to be part of our families - and we might not be that far off. That’s because hemp for pets works similarly for us and our furry or feathered friends. The same system found in the human body that benefits from hemp is also found in any animal with vertebrae, making Receptra a natural way to proactively care for their health and well-being.


Getting Down to Business Interview


I am Peter Holoviak from Holistic-Holoviak CBD/Hemp product line, holding a Green Hemp Diamond marketing idea from my 10 year old son Alexander. "All Good things come from Above" I would like to clarify what these products may do for you by keeping it simple, stating it to be a mind & body balance. We all have endo cannabidiol receptors in our body just waiting to be fed. With the stress of daily life, poor sleeping habits, pollution & eating processed foods can get your body out of balance. Unfortunately, too many times we take approved medications and choose to skim over reading some of the side effects they may cause.  CBD derived from God given Hemp, may be one of the best things you ever tried. Whether you buy from me or choose another CBD product on the market, please do a lot of research of the manufacturer before making a purchase. Price may be important, but knowing where the products are manufactured and tested are much more valuable & important. 
I have had several injuries throughout my years of wrestling as a teenager into my 30s and diagnosed with arthritis of the lower spine, over 15 years ago. I have tested the CBD topicals along with most of the tinctures. I am now 60 years of age, pain free at this time, take no medications, and practice Judo/Jujitsu, along with weight training. I have customers, who suffer from Anxiety, Sleep issues, Arthritis, Headaches, Asperger's syndrome, Autism, Lyme's disease, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy and more, that continue to return reporting positive results of these products. Why not try something more natural?  Remember, "All Good Things come from Above."
Organically grown on USA Family Farms-Pharmacist Formulated
After a long process of careful searching, we now have found two of the best factories in the USA that manufacture pure CBD from Industrial Hemp. They use extraction methods that maintain the full plant profile, ensuring customers receive the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes & fatty acids from the natural plant & other products.
Recommended for pain relief, anxiety, inflammation, sleep disorders & many other ailments, for a natural & safe alternative to harsh drugs.  It may just be one of the best things you ever tried.

The 2018 Farm Bill, passed by Congress on December 12, 2018, and signed into law by the President December 20, 2018, includes Section 10113 titled "Hemp Production," which removes hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, places full regulatory authority of hemp with the USDA, and allows State departments of agriculture to regulate hemp cultivation per their State-specific programs.

In addition to defining hemp as/Cannabis/that contains no more than 0.3% teatrahydrocannabinol (THC) by dry weight, the bill asserts a 'whole plant' definition of hemp, including plant extracts. Furthermore, this legislation removes roadblocks to the rapidly growing hemp industry in the U.S., notably by authorizing and encouraging access to federal research funding for hemp, and removing restrictions on banking, water rights, and other regulatory roadblocks the hemp industry currently faces. The bill also explicitly authorizes crop insurance for hemp.